Consultancy services

We offer consultancy services in business, security, mining, agriculture, and transportation. We operate with our clients as a single team with a shared vision to achieve astonishing results, overcome competition, and optimize operational efficiency.


At Neb Global Group, we offer end to end services that combine the individual strengths of sea, air, rail, and road transport. Our logistics packages will allow you to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and reduce pollution. We run cross border operations, with the level of quality and reliability you would expect from an industry leader. From customs house clearance to cross-docking, consolidation and reverse logistics, we’ve got you covered.

Security Services

The security decisions you make right now will affect your personal and business security for years to come. Our broad consultancy services will guarantee that you make the best decisions to protect your family, employees, and business assets. Our security consultants have decades of cumulative experience in helping both individual clients and large corporate entities secure their operations.

Who are we?

Neb Global Group is an multi-national company that provides a variety of products and services in Security, logistics, business consultancy, product design, fire security.