We offer reliable logistics solutions

Considering today’s highly aggressive business environment, you need a logistics partner with the ability to guarantee end-to-end multi-modal transportation for your merchandise with a single contract and single point of contact. At Neb Global Group, we offer end to end services that combine the individual strengths of sea, air, rail, and road transport. Our logistics packages will allow you to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and reduce pollution. We run cross border operations, with the level of quality and reliability you would expect from an industry leader. From customs house clearance to cross-docking, consolidation and reverse logistics, we’ve got you covered.

We sell cars, boats, helicopters and airplanes

We sell all sorts of vehicles including personal cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, security vehicles, boats, yacht, ships, private planes, helicopters, airplanes, trains, etc. You name it, we get it to you. Following our long relationship with many dealers, we have been able to reduce our prices significantly in recent years. We are sure to get you the best deal on the market.

We lease cars, boats, helicopters and airplanes

We also lease all sorts of vehicles. Leasing protects your capital for growth. Dedicated cargo fleets require a significant monetary investment. Instead of purchasing vehicles and building the infrastructure required for their maintenance, your business could divert those funds to programs that have a direct impact on profitability and growth.

Emergency evacuation (Air ambulance)

By partnering with us, you will gain access to a dedicated medical team prepared to perform evacuations that guarantee patients the best chances for recovery. Our evacuation service ensure that injured or critically ill patients receive fast, safe, and reliable transportation to a suitable medical facility.

We perform Mining evacuation

Mining sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces in the world. Almost any action can turn into a tragedy. From geant machines crashing workers, methane fire bursts, to accidental landslide. That is why you always need a quick and reliable evacuation system in case of an emergency. And we are here to offer just that.

Transportation of individuals, goods, and cargo

Our transport services are unparalleled. We guarantee that you will get to where you need to be in comfort, style, and on time, whether you need a VIP airport transfer or transportation to a critical business meeting. Our executive car fleet comprises modern vehicles that provide lavish transportation. We have immaculately dressed chauffeurs who are highly-trained, timely, and courteous, always providing high quality service with an honest dedication to their work.

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